Coding as a Communicative Act

Coding is made up of what you might call wibbly-wobbly, languagey-wanguagey… stuff. Where it diverges from human language is really fascinating.

Some examples of Mongo Scala Driver usage

Sometimes in #consultantLife you find yourself in the middle of an obscure, sparsely-blogged-about problem–say, your Scala API suddenly needs to talk to a Mongo database. And you ask yourself, “How did I get here? This is not my beautiful SQL…” But the only way out is through, so you install the Mongo Scala Driver and forge ahead. But it would be just, like, SUPER helpful if you had a few more examples of how to use it.

I’m here for you, friend.

The List is Done!

Circa 2005 I decided to stop reading so much trash scifi and start reading through the top 100 novels (based on a list I found on some random website). It took a decade but I did it! I am now officially a science fiction expert! Here’s my final summary of things.

Windows 10 windows behaving weirdly? I bet I know the fix

The other day, I noticed that my windows weren’t behaving correctly. Alt-tab didn’t tab between windows; the minimize button wasn’t working; the window-right-arrow to make a window take up half the screen wasn’t working… it was driving me absolutely batty. I just assumed it was due to some goofy upgrade and that I’d have to learn to live with it.

But no!