Custom achievements for Slack. With Emoji.

Add to Slack

Use slash commands and dialog boxes to manage achievements.

(It doesn't come with any defaults. Use "/achievemotron create" to get started.)

Anyone can award an achievement to anyone else at any time!

Create, Unlock, Show @User, Show :emoji:, Leaderboard, Edit, and Undo will post in the channel in which you type the command (so type it at Slackbot or in a DM to yourself if you want to keep it a secret); every other response is only visible to you.

It looks like this:

Achievemotron is pay-what-you-want.

If you like this app and are able, please help sustain it!

I will never sell, trade, or give away your data.

I might look at what sorts of achievements you've created from time to time, but always anonymously. I won't know who your team is or who your users are.


Feedback, comments, questions? I'd love to hear from you.
Hit me up in Slack with "/achievemotron feedback"
or by emailing me at hi at nextlevelbanana dot online