Yes, Real Fire! The tabletop game you should never play.

A game created at the Portland Indie Game Squad Dame Squad Tabletop Jam, March 2018.

My self-imposed constraints were (1) a game where the pieces are physically destroyed every game and (2) a game they won’t let me demo. And then I had this brilliant idea: “What if the core mechanic… is fire?”

So here are the rules, the templates for the pieces, and the cards you would need if you wanted to play it. You shouldn’t play it, though. I cannot stress this enough. Even I have not played it, because I have no place where it’s safe to throw lit matches around.

(That said – if you DO play it, please report back, I’m sure the components need balancing and more interesting weather effects could be added.)

Yes Real Fire! Rules
Yes Real Fire! Construction Cards
Yes Real Fire! Weather Effects
Yes Real Fire! House Pieces (Note there are a few more pieces here than the rules call for. Good thing you’re not going to actually play this!)

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