Achievemotron: custom emoji-based achievements for your Slack workspace

I made a Slack app in NodeJS. It’s called Achievemotron, and it lets you award achievements to your slackmates via slash commands. You can add and edit and reward and un-reward achievements, see the leaderboard, see one user’s achievements, see all users that have unlocked a particular achievement, etc. It’s free to use, so go…

Typing in Dvorak: Would I Do It Again?

Back in my college days, as so many kids do, I experimented with my identity. I dyed my hair purple. I read new and radical philosophies. I adopted the Dvorak keyboard layout. And once I’d made the switch, I stuck with it. Here’s what I’ve concluded.

Tweetcarts @ DonutJS

I recently gave a talk on the joy that is Pico-8 Tweetcarts at DonutJS. You can watch the talk here. And if you want to use PicoPoint, the slide presentation template I made inside Pico-8, you can grab it here.